Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's DIY Wedding Smoosh! Arrows & Pie Labels!

I figured these two projects are pretty durn self-explanatory, and you guys are pretty smart... so no in depth here! Yippie!

DIY #1 Locational Arrows!
You need: foamcore, ribbon & paint!
I've seen some done with wood, but seriously, it's ONE you really wanna get the chainsaw out and do some hard core crafting? Me neither. (Um...see DIY #2).

To do? Attach ribbon to foamcore. Take note of where the sun is setting or bring a compass to help locate said places. Also bring a protractor to estimate the angle the arrows should take. KIDDING KIDDING! We threw them up all over the place! It was in the middle of the woods! No one knows (or cares) where Mykonos is!

 The important arrows were things like BAR and BAR 2. And of course Bathroom!

 DIY #2 Pie Labels! Screw the Wedding cake, we're having PIE!!!!!

Remember that thing about not needing a chainsaw? Well, forget it. If I have the chance to use a horror movie symbol, I'm taking it!

You need: Wood, baby. And chainsaw!

To do: Cut log slices!!
Big thick ones to hold the pies, teeny ones (with a slit in the middle) to hold the paper labels!
Finished product:


So I think there is only ONE more DIY for the wedding. Our wedding topper! Stay tuned next Friday!

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And the final pictures are from Labor of Love!


  1. Thanks for commenting on ABCD Design today - because of it, I "found" your lovely blog!

    YAY! Great things all around.

    Best of luck in the contest - I hope you win the holiday cards you entered to win.
    Warm regards,

  2. These are gorgeous!Thanks so much for the DIY! PS: Love your blog!


  3. Awww!!! I love reciprocal Blog Love!! You guys are awesome!