Friday, August 14, 2009

Guestbook? What Wedding Guestbook?

Oh! You mean the fantastic Postcard Guestbook? Where everyone drew pics and teeny comments? Why didn't you say so!!!

Being the formidable unique person that I am, I loathe the normal guestbook... one line and a signature to tell you I'm there? Why! I have so much to say!!???

Considering I have loads of creative friends, I was like: MAKE ME SOME HAPPY PICTURES PEOPLE! And then send them to me in the mail. There is nothing better than getting your wedding guestbook IN THE MAIL!

First Step: Make the Postcards! After getting a nifty Postcard stamp from Etsy, I went a little stamp happy and stamped like a BILLION cardstock sheets:

Second: Colors! Need tons of colors! I found these perfectly awesome color pencils at some craft store. Wooden & pretty... perfect! (and the jar was a left over from the Jam Jars. Holla!)
The Final product!: Um...yeah. So in the color frenzy, I forgot to add our address. SO the Fabulous Guestbook "IN THE MAIL" came to us "FROM MY MOM"! Worked out good in the end!So easy to do, and people LOVED it! Yippee!

P.S. Pictures all swiped from our post on the Labor of Love blog (Really, I heartily suggest them. Awesome awesome people!!!)

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