Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding DIY! Mossy Initials!

We're coming down to the end (only a couple more DIY to go!).
DIY #1: Moss Initials!

These were SO incredibly easy to do. No joke!

You need:

1 paper mache letter! Premade!
1 pkg of moss that's already on a sheet! (I used 2 pks for my letters).
1 bottle of elmers glue (do I really need to link this??)

To do:
Ready for this? Cut and Glue!
No kidding. But beware it can make a totally MESS!
Final product:

And now that the wedding is over, I'm gonna use them for my Rapper Bling! BAM!

Yeah! Wha??? OKAY!!!!

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And the final picture is from Labor of Love ! So thanks!


  1. THANKS!!!! And I'm thinkin you'll need your own "C" Rapper bling for your bday!