Friday, July 10, 2009

Sloughing thru Invitation Making....

Ahh...the good times of making your own wedding invitations. Some family asked me "Why do you want to torment yourself like this?" I had to admit that I've got this horrid habit of needing to personalize EVERYTHING I touch. There was NO way I was going to pay $1000 of dollars for a letterpress design that I didn't design myself! (I'm a designer...I have NO excuses).

The following are pics from the full steam ahead session:

Why pay $3 a lined envelope, when you can cut pretty paper yourself and have slave labor glue it? I did a ton of research and located the best envelope at Envelope Mall and the pretty paper came from Joanns!

I found that tape glue is FANTASTIC and glue dots suck butt. I also found that alcohol helps the gluing go faster.Kitties DO NOT help. Especially when the lick paper and play the game "everything looks better on the floor". Bonus!: No one complained about the pet hair in their envelopes!Each piece of the invitation was meticulously printed on cardstock & cut out by hand! (Never believed I was anal until now!). If I get married again? I'm sending out invitations over evite.
Next posting: The design files & finished product!
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  1. I can definitely see where booze would help! I think I'd be hittin' the liquor! I'm sure I'd have some wonky ass invitations in the end though!

  2. wholy schnaz, you cut the cardstock for the invitations yourselves!!!???? good grief. That totally deserves a ride on an elephant!

  3. Slave? I was a slave?! So that explains why I was chained to my chair and why I didn't get a beer!

  4. 'Cuz: Amen sister! I find booze helps a lot of things! Sewing, Cooking, Day-Jobs. Ya know, the usual!

    DiG: Elephants and maybe a massage!

    M: Wha??? Who let you escape??!!!
    I have sewing projects I need to start!