Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding DIY Programs! Pt. 1 (the innards)

Ahh..the art of a good program. After awhile, you start to realize how many DIY things you do for your wedding, and think OH MY GOD AM I CRAZY??? The answer: YES. But everyone loves a good detail, and a stressed out bride. JOY!

Step 1: Use wedding invitation design to create a "look"

Inside Program Design!

Step 2: Get Mom to write "Ceremony" section. (There were a lot of different religions floating around, so we figured we'd explain things to get everyone on the right page. Mom's idea!)

Step 3: Remember to spell names right.

Step 4: Scan in fun stuff for kids!!!! (the back page had things like "The Feet You Meet" pawprints and "Know your Smoke Signals"). I'm pretty sure no one saw these. But I bought the cards here! (and if I find the files, I'll upload to share!)
P.S. The pic above was swiped from our post on the Labor of Love blog (Really, I heartily suggest them. Awesome awesome people!!!)

(Part 2 is binding & paper fun!)

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