Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding DIY Programs! Pt. 2 (the outards)

So you remember Part 1, right? And I bet you are totally antsy for Part 2!!! matter, I do what I want!

Step 1: Get some fancy paper! I chose Martha Stewart's funness from Michael's. 5 designs in all! They had a great nature themed pack, but alas, I waited too long & they sold out. CURSES!

Step 2: Use the HUGE mass of sticks Mom collected, and break them down to a decent size.

Step 3: Get some twine (oh but first, go through every piece of yarn/twine/string that you possibly can, just to get the JUST right size and look. Then go back to your first choice.)

Step 4: BIND! I ended up punching 2 holes (top & bottom) then looping the twine through and tying the sticks to the outside. Inside looked like this. And of course, plus booze made it go faster.

Step 5: Get a pretty basket and filler up!

P.S. Pictures all swiped from our post on the Labor of Love blog (Really, I heartily suggest them. Awesome awesome people!!!)

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  1. I remember that twig tying night. Seems to me that the more the booze flowed, the more creative the tying process became. Didn't future Mr. Loopy Rocket end up twined to his chair?