Monday, October 5, 2009

Why is My Poo PINK!!!!????

Ah... wait...did I eat Franken Berry Cereal this morning?

Okay, so I did not actually eat the cereal. But, would you? Even after reading that red dye #2 & #3 can turn your stool red!!??? RED!!! As in "ACK WHAT THE HECK IS COMING OUT OF MY TUSHIE!?" red.

Heh. I just had a mental image of ya'll reading this first thing Monday morn. Hmm...I apologize for all loss of appetite.

And after researching the little blogadilla post I learned this from, I read way too much about poop. It's freakin me out a little...


  1. Boo Berry turns your poo green!

    My girl came flyin' outta the bathroom once screamin' she had green poo and thought there was something wrong. I couldn't convince her it was the Boo Berry so I had to eat some too to prove it. Awesome.

  2. Yeah, In my book,
    you're not a real friend if you don't check your friends poo for Boo Berries! LOL!

  3. omg my poo was multicoloured! ur so gay

  4. Multicolored? Oh dear... You may want to seek medical attention!
    (Jeez. Were you eating Unicorn again!?)