Friday, September 18, 2009

DIY Wedding Ring Nests!

Remember in the last wedding post, where I said Micheal's shipped everything off? was for this post. So I apologize in advance!
DIY Ring Nest!

As a way to engage our guests, our officiants passed the ring nests to the audience at the beginning of the ceremony. Passing through each person's hands, we asked that they share well wishes! After the Maid of Honor and Best Man fetched them from the audience, they were super charged with good feelings!
And Making them was SUPER easy!
No, really!
1. Bought a nest/branch set from Micheal's:

2. Filled the nest with Bag o'Moss!

3. Strung a pretty ribbon thru the center
4. Tie the ring in! Viola!
Told you, ridiculously easy!
(P.S. I was going to put these silly fake deer & pine trees in, but I was talked out of the tacky factor. Sigh).

P.S.S. And the extra branches make nice decor if you shove them into a vase!

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And the top picture is from Stan! So thanks!

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