Friday, December 18, 2009

More Diorama Mayhem and Mischief!

This time, Ghostbusters are on my radar!
Can’t these Ghostbusters ever catch a break?

So, we’re gonna try things a little differently this time! Instead of the How’d You Do It?” post, I’m gonna show you the different versions I went through (including the before/afters of the Photoshop)! Exciting, no? This way, you can see the progress and decide for yourselves which you like better!

Let the new-ness begin with Version 1 (1..1...1...)

So I had in my head exactly what I wanted this to look like. I wanted to exactly re-create this scene from Ghostbusters Numero Uno:
Ghostbusters Scene
Initially I thought I could work this in two parts like Ivan Reitman did. Split Screens and Forced Perspective:

Split Screen number one: Puft Goes Bonkers! Make a teeny street scene with HO Scale BRIGHT cars (which I later painted to dull the colors) and a HO Scale building I glued and painted. Good start!
Puft V1 Part 1

Split Screen Number Two: Guys on the wall! The wall I built out of balsa wood and wood glue, then painted to look “stoney”. Super Timesaver: The bricks were a print-out, glued on!
GB V1 Part2
Squish in Photoshop Split Screen Number One with Number Two, and you get this: It’s a good start, but somethings just not…eye-catchy. Cut to scene: Me wracking my brain to think of how to fix it! IDK!
Diorama Version 1

Enter Version 2: Grumble… let’s just take it home and play with it some more. After dry brushing the building (MUCH better details - thank you to you know who*  (*Andy). Perhaps a one shot would work better? Kitteh seems to think so. Kitteh also wants to eat Minimates. Ghostbusters are apparently a very tasty treat for Marshmallows AND kittehs!

Let’s take one shot:

Crop and Add a Black Background: Version 2 Looking Good!
Diorama V2

And onto the finale! Version 3: More streets! Heavier Traffic! Some Gaussian Blur Perspective! No Neon Cars!
Diorama V3 Final

There you have it! You get the photoshopped version AND the “you can do this without Photoshop” version! See the final versions on Flickr too!

Next Diorama: Minimates running in terror from Kitteh that’s tasted Minimate blood…. RUUUUN!