Friday, October 16, 2009

Minimate Diorama in the DEEPEST DANKEST Sewer!

You never know where the next evil-doer attack might be…
It might be under your feet, as seen in my latest Diorama for DST! 

I call the finished product "Sewer Scene Plus Rabid Alligator!"
Marvel Sewer Diorama

How'd I do it? You might be surprised to know, this is not exactly what I had in mind when I started. Yep. Things change.

This is what  I started with: a gutter.
Step one
Let’s imagine for a moment, yours truly waltzing thru Home Depot saying… “Gee! What would make a great underground sewer scene!” Well, after stumping some flabbergasted sales guys (”You want to do what? With what? I can show you some nice appliances!” … thanks), I directed my attention to the gutter pieces. Viola! Slice those bad boys open and we’ve got a nice homey perfectly sized Minimate backdrop!

Quick Step catch-up:
Spray with Stone texture spray paint (while gassing your office) and dry brush some black around…
Getting Closer
Fill your dank sewer with some teeny rocks.
Then, my aim was to fill it with “realistic water treatment” and make it all murky like.

Note to self: Make sure the area you pour “realistic water treatment” has a WATER TIGHT AREA!!! Learn from me, I now have “realistic water treatment” on my desk. I’ll have to add some “realistic goldfish” so as not to draw attention.
Sewer Diorama 3
Make some dowel ladders (so our heroes can escape if need be!) and steal borrow grating from past Stargate action figures.

Glue! And again, gas the office. Those Adhesive sealants are stinky! (and make preeeeeety cooooolors… gah).
Not bad! My original thought was to shoot the Minimates down the hallway and around the corner, but… didn’t work out so well for me. I did decide tho to add some hanging spanish moss (i.e. black lace and glue drips).

Here’s how it looked before Photoshop:
Tee hee.. and so far, it's gone unnoticed here at work, that Mr. Rabid Alligator has got a Minimate ARM in his mouth! Sigh, it's the little things in life.

Here it is on the Art Asylum Site: link!

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  1. Love it! This is so cute and looks like it must have been quite fun to make.