Monday, October 19, 2009

Google Street View Hacked for Band's Marketing!

This. Is. Genius.

So, if I'm right in my assumption, it sounds like the marketers for the Editor's new album created an application to hack OVERTOP of Google Street View.

The app shows red arrows, that if you follow, discover music tracks from the album in the exact area that inspired the songs!

According to Creative Review:
This is how it works: a cleverly hacked version of Google Street View allows users to preview tracks from the album in the areas of London that inspired them. As well as being able to move around as you would in the normal Google Street View, there are red arrows to find in nine different London locations (one for each track of the album) that each point to a location off the road - click it to find custom panoramic photographs of the band, shot at night by photographer James Royall.
The Marketing ramifications are immense!
What an exciting time for ad people!
Link to the Editor's Street View here! via

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