Monday, December 21, 2009

"Stephanie Meyer is really f--king boring" Twilight Author Review:

Sometimes, I really love the comic community.
Here's a snippet of their review of the Stephanie Meyer's (of Twilight fame) Biography in Comic Book form. (you know, so the kids'll read it).

Comics Alliance:
When you're doing a biography of Stephenie Meyer, you're going to run into a problem right off the bat, namely the fact that Stephanie Meyer is really f--king boring.

Really, we're not even trying to dis Meyer here, but the fact of the matter is that she just hasn't done a whole lot. She never sailed down the Mississippi like Mark Twain, she never married a complete lunatic like F. Scott Fitzgerald did, heck, she never even did a ton of coke and got run over by a van like Stephen King. We can sum up her entire life in twenty words. Watch:

"Stephenie Meyer grew up in the Southwest, got married, had kids, wrote some books about vampires and got rich. Batman."

We threw "Batman" in there to make it more exciting.
 Seriously, read the whole thing. Seriously.
Ahhh.. I love Mondays.
Thanks for the hot link Jenny!

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