Wednesday, May 14, 2008

43 Pranks to Play at Work That May or May Not Get You Fired

This is our Boss coming back from vacation to a cube filled with post-its. So we all love office pranks around here and I found a list of some that I have never heard of, normally around here it's just the leave your computer unlocked and you will come back to inappropriate websites or we will build a cardboard house around your cube while you are out. So check these out, much better than our lame pranks include:

6. Send blank sheets of paper via interoffice mail. (Marked "urgent" and "confidential", of course.) Remember to send a few to the mailroom; they'll especially get a kick out of it.

Draw a flip-cartoon of a man running on the bottom of every notepad in the office supply closet.

20. Submit letters of resignation for other employees.

43. Respond to every request by your boss with the phrase "I would prefer not to."

Now some of these are just crazy and really bad, but a few of them made me giggle.

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