Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Who is the Techno Viking?

The Techno Viking has been a viral video on the internet for some time, I forgot all about him until Ebaums World did a best of 2007. So basically there appears to be a street techno party going on in some foreign country and all of a sudden this guy "the Techno Viking" comes into the picture and starts proudly dancing and being followed by people on the street as if he were the pied piper leading his group of ravers to something incredible. Since I have renewed my interest in this video I have scoured the interweb in search of finding out more about him. Alas everywhere I turned was a dead end. So I decided to tell my sad little story here on the blog to either share with you the weirdness that is "Techno Viking" or to possibly discover his true identity from someone else.


  1. I'd rather find Technoviking than the Holy Grail. Is identity and whereabouts are the greatest mystery of modern civilization.

  2. The techno viking does not dance to music, music dances to him...

  3. Either living off the money that mystery brings,see merchandise!....or just doesn't want the publicity or is somewhere completely different or worse?...who knows.