Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Out With the Bad, in a Times Square Shredder

I just read in the NY times this article , that in NYC this past weekend, the Times Square Alliance set up a 5' tall "beige industrial shredder" in the lobby of Times Square Informational Center.
join us in mashing a year’s worth of bad hairstyles, loathed music, fashion disasters and ill-fated romances into an unrecognizable pulp of bad karma and negative vibes — which will then be carted off, never to be seen again.
How many politicians do you think were in the crowd?

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  1. Perhaps they use it in the next ticker tape parade, did you know that they had people in time square write down wishes etc on little pieces of paper and at the stock of midnight all the confetti was actually those wishes people had written down. It is all a good idea, I guess until you consider the trash factor.