Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dear Bulk Mailer...

It's great having genius friends, cause sometimes they send over emails that start with "Check out this awesome website I made." Oh yes, the prank gods have smiled today!

My ex-accomlice Wally, who is always up for some ruckas (ENTP w00t!), dedicated a website for turning those pesky junk mailers into a bulk mailer goldmine!

He'll explain:
You know those obnoxious "refinance your home" or scam credit card offers that you get in the mail? The ones that have alllll that personal information that you can't throw away because someone will steal your identity? Or the ones that make you accidently throw away important mail?

Well, I've seen plenty of people who think its cute to mail their junk mail back to the companies in postage-paid envelopes. But that's not very effective. I mean...with bulk rate, they pay just over 20 cents for every ounce they receive. A pittiful amount when you consider it'd take hundreds of these letters to offset one person signing up for whatever service they're selling. I see all these people say "come on guys, if enough of us mail them back they'll stop!" which to me sounds like a knitting circle patting themselves on the back for doing a good deed. So what I'm trying to say is, stop being a pussy.

I thought the pic with the brick was a nice touch.
Check out his site here: Dear Bulk Mailer...


  1. Hahahahhahahahaha you are so awesome ms esti! *blush*

  2. I am 100% doing this, I cant wait till I get junk mail!