Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Next Wave of Body Morphing!

How does he eat?
Are there cheek pockets to hide his food like squirrels?
Did he intentionally match his hair to his shirt?
Can I make mine look like oreo cookies?

I wonder a lot of things.

Ectoplasmosis said:

There is no source, no story behind this image, although the hair cut shows all of the sophisticated choice in debonair coiffureage I am seeing regularly amongst Berlin’s onstabulary of subway punks. Thanks to Joel for the image, and the only explanation we’re likely to get: “Someone on some forum called it the ‘Arseface.’”

I love Preacher references.


  1. You know how we say our kids will end up doing more extream and worse things than we as kids. Well I had red mo-hawk hair tattooed arms and plugs in my ears, oh yeah and lots of piercings, I am "normal" now but this just makes me cringe thinking about what my kids are going to do to make themselves stand out.

    /please god no

  2. Dig that crazy White Zombie hoodie. I think I had one when I was 14.