Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Square America

OMG! I found the most wonderful website full of old photos from American History, well not really history but it's more about people, I trolled through and made up stories for each picture, I gave the people names and had a day dream for a minute, it was great! I love the photo booth and sleep pictures. Check it out, this will make for hours of fun.

This is Robert and Claire, They were high school sweethearts. Robert is a mailman and Claire is a school teacher, they always dreamed of having a big wedding with all their family invited. After saving for a year they were able to save enough money for the wedding they had always dreamed of. Roberts brother got locked up for a crime he didn't commit and Robert had to bail him out with their savings. Robert and Claire had already set their date for the wedding and they were not going to let this hump stop them from having the time of their lives. On their wedding day they were on their way to the courthouse with the $4.00 they had left when as they were standing in the parking lot of the courthouse a flyer blew across the sky and hit Robert in the face, it was a dance contest at the town fire hall. It was $4.00 to enter and the Prize was $1000.00. The rules were easy to dance as long as possible and the last couple standing won. They looked at each other for only a moment before they knew what they had to do. Still wearing their wedding clothes they walked down the street and made the final cut for entries for the contest. Robert and Claire danced for four days straight and beat out seasoned dance couples for the prize of their life. At the last hour of the fourth day it was down to them and Jose and Maria, professional dancers from Mexico. The music played and they swayed together in time. Just then Jose, drunk on lack of sleep stepped on Marias dress and they both went tumbling to the dancefloor. Robert and Clair did one last fox trot before they collected their giant check and made their way to the lobby to plan their dream wedding once again. this picture was snapped a few minutes later in the lobby. They awoke two days later to begin their lives anew and lived happily ever after.

This is Betty, betty is from a small town in Georgia, she dreams of being the next big clothing designer in France. Betty goes to the thrift store every Friday after work at the town dinner where she serves chip beef and grits to people passing threw and truckers making their last stop. At the thrift store Betty buys scraps of fabric from old worn dresses and runs home to sew them together to piece her dream with her tiny old sewing machine. Her collection is growing and she bleeds fashion. One day a plane on its way to New York had to make an emergency landing at their non existent air port landing strip (long corn field). In this plane carried Adele Antoinette, the most powerful buyer of fashion for all of France. During the landing all of her garments for the rich and powerful people of New York were ejected from the planes cargo hold and landed in a swamp. In a rage of feathers and chiffon she marched to the city square and demanded to see all the towns clothing for sale, alas she was left holding one badly torn sweater from the dry goods. just then Betty was walking to work proudly wearing her newly designed dress and a hat she had hand made. Adele grabbed her by the arm and demanded to know the whereabouts of such clothing in this dirt hole of a town. "Well I make them" she said quietly. "Take me to your closet!" demanded Adele. So they went,to Betty's closet of newly fashioned dresses and wonders. Adele was so taken aback by Betty's genius that she purchased everything she had ever made, cut her a check for six thousand dollars and demanded she board the private jet with her to travel to New York and later France with her. Betty then became all the rage over Europe and designed for every up and coming actress of the time. No one knows what has become of Betty but it is believed that she still teaches at a small design school in France and is attributed to the invention of the pleat and for enacting the rule about not wearing white shoes after Labor day.

ummm, I am very, very bored.

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  1. awesome website, I always liked looking at old photographs.

    as for my commenters being stuffy and uptight its cuz that blog is for my class at AU. all the comments are from my fellow classmates. It probably wouldn't be so serious if the professor doesn't grade them. Usually my comment gets to the point without being too serious, but that's me.

    I see you have a new blog! I have one too, but I haven't been too diligent in updating it, finals are coming and I'm getting pwn harddd.

    OH and since the comments were being graded, we actually talked about you in my class. The first slide of this past class was "Who's SuperBloggerGirl?" XD

    I was late to class and missed it, but the class apparently came up with the idea that you're my alterblog-ego. go figure.

    Don't let this discourage you from commenting though, its nice reading your comments.