Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go Go Power symbols!

Wow, we had an explosion of readers yesterday and I feel terrible because I didn't post a single thing, so I decided to get up off my butt and make some posts early to ensure our readers get their daily dose of awesome. I found my favorite LIST already today, its a list of all the most powerful symbols and what they mean, you will get the power rangers reference when you go to the link, I will give you a hint, one very powerful symbol in that logo there. I also found out that the cow, (and I am a cow, I mean a Taurus... a bull, you know what I mean) is a very powerful symbol in history too, YAY cows! Enjoy, it's a very DiVinci Code kinda web site.


  1. Oh snap! Sagittarius is there!

    Hmm...I'm totally diggin that Chaos one for a tatoo tho...hmm..

  2. you cant get a tattoo, your jewish! your Mom would kill you, oh wait ticket to heaven nevermind, tattoo away!

  3. LOL! Since us jews don't believe in heaven, it's the mom guilt trip I'm worried about!