Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moss Graffiti

On the same thread as the last post...
Make your own Moss Graffiti!!

This simple yet effective concoction is an old favourite of gardeners trying to encourage moss growth and provides an excellent alternative to spray paint.

And it looks so pretty!!

Recipe from Helen Nodding's Stories from Space:

1 can of beer
1/2 teaspoon sugar
Several clumps garden moss
You will also need a plastic container (with lid), a blender and a paintbrush

1. crumble moss into blender
2. add beer & sugar/blend until smooth & creamy
3. pour into plastic container
4. find a damp & shady wall
5. paint a design with the moss milkshake!
6. try to keep it moist while roots are taking hold
7. Admire the beauty!
(Read also 20 Masterpieces of Green Graffiti)

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