Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buying a stairway to heaven... (feel free to sing along)

Worried that your good deeds here on earth are going to go missed? Do you just want to coast along in this life until you can get to the next? is selling your all access pass to the afterlife just in time for the holidays. Thats right, no matter what religion you are or how bad you are here on earth you too can purchase a one way ticket to the cloudy paradise in the sky. complete with certificate, ID card, and information booklet on how to get around heaven without being hassled and it's 100% guaranteed. Is it offending people, darn right! Does it offend me, no really... Personally I can appreciate the raping of an untapped market and surely Heaven is a market that can appeal to everyone. There is a news article HERE about how offending this website is, I just think it's genius oh yeah and hilarious.

Here is a picture of what is included in your ticket to heaven package.


  1. O..M...G!!!
    How did you find this!!??
    I want this.. no, I NEED this!

    Wait...I gotta do some bad deeds first. Can you give me and hour or so?

  2. Can your first dirty deed be punching our boss in the face?