Thursday, November 15, 2007

Myth Busted

Well I have to say im a little bit disappointed to find that on snopes they have discredited all the internet hype on Jenkem, my new favorite drug as previously blogged here. Oh well I guess I will have to wish that all the rich suburban housewives get hooked on something less damaging than huffing your own dookie, sigh...


  1. turns out the kid who blogged his whole "experience/trip" was lying too. I am right there with you, I wanted to believe.

  2. you are full of lawls and !

    and is that a piece of dookie doing standup?

  3. speechless. people do do the dardest things. (ewww, that's too funny) i remember i worried about bonsai kitty when that swept the nation. i wondered what was next...thanks for sharing jenkem. ;)

  4. Thanks for all the comments guys!

    Emperor: I am pretty sure that is in fact a poop monster doing standup

    Susan: I remember bonsai Kitty, ahh those were the days! poor PETA fell for that one hand over fist didn't they! LOL