Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brown + Blue + Math = Fantastic Art!

I dunno how they do it, but design*sponge has just found another love of mine...
Besides the fact that it's my favo colors, and I've got this wicked soft spot for geometric shapes and patterns...it's got that certain je ne sais pas!
Design Sponge had this to say:

Sometimes I get an artist crush and I’ve had a big one on Will Yackulic for a few years, though I am pretty sure he lives in my city and we’ve never met. I first discovered Will about three years ago when he had a show at The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. I love the flat, graphic nature of his work, and his ability to make such exquisite detail (as a painter I can vouch for the work involved) look so simple in his final pieces. Perhaps it is his simple, neutral palette or his use of text—not sure, but his work has captured my heart.

More of Will Yackulic here

1 comment:

  1. what is the blue made out of, it looks like a textured material, I am confused.

    /bad at math