Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks, Family and Turducken...

I guess I not only felt the need to make at least one post today because I am bored but to also tilt the scale from my blog partner who must not have as much work as me today, giggle* I wanted to make a Thanksgiving post, a nice one. First off let me start with im not skinny. Now that I got that out of the way, Turducken is the most fascinating thing to me as far as holiday food goes. Gefilte fish I had for the first time in college at a friends Seder runs a close second. I want Turducken like no ones business, we always do a normal turkey and a few years we have had the deep fried turkey also, I can't complain. Theres something about wrapping meat in another kind of meat that just makes my day, that is why my motto, "Bacon makes everything better" rings so true. Now that I got the whole turducken thing off my chest, is there anyone out there who wants to have my husband and I over for dinner? ahh, didn't think so. My favorite part about the chaos we call "The Holidays" is family, I miss them so much all year so its nice to see everyone, in their finest duds with smiles on their faces, it warms my icy heart. Last on my blog list is to tell you all what im thankful for.

1. My husband ( he just rocks)
2. My Family (they also rock)
3. My friends (Bec, Manda a.k.a chesty Laroo, and E girl) you guys made my year awesome
4. My job (I am the only person I know who enjoys getting up early every morning to go)
5. Sweaters
6. Coffee (ginger-crack, oh I mean ginger bread lattes are back at starbucks)
7. Star Wars
8. Mo-Town
9. Football
10. The Internet

I encourage you all the make a list too, call it a character building exercise, and go!

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