Monday, September 10, 2007

The REAL way to order a Starbucks

Order a Crap-a-latte from your table!
Slacker Hipsters unite!

This is what Gizmodo said about it:

Living on planet Earth, you get used to seeing a Starbucks every 5-10 ft, but what's truly amazing is the fact that there is always a ridiculously long line to wait in. However, these lines may soon become a thing of the past, that is if you live in the UK and have a laptop with you.

On their in-store Wi-Fi log-in page (that's a lot of dashes) they have an option for you to order a drink from your computer, that way you don't have waste time standing in line or risk your laptop's safety. Shortly after a barista will magically bring you your order. Now if only they could invent something that would stop you from reeking like coffee afterwards—that's what I'm waiting for.

I love the internet

Via Web Alert (my daily web news source!)

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