Thursday, September 6, 2007

How not to be Quoted

So, I don't normally do the whole gossip celebrity thing,
but I'll take exception to this!
Where are those Polly Prissypants Etiquette classes when you need them!??!

Straight from Perez Hilton:

If You Didn’t Hate Her Already….
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She is so fucking full of herself. It’s nauseating!
Avril Lavigne is featured in the new issue of Britain’s Q magazine.
We can’t believe half the shit that comes out of her mouth!
You MUST read her “Ten Commandments.”
Now you’ll see why we dislike Avril so much!!!!!


  1. a poser clueless bitch says what?


  2. jeebus. i thought it was bad that she didn't know who david bowie was at a fucking award show where he WON.

    what a cunt.