Monday, December 13, 2010

As of Last Thursday... "HON" is trademarked...

Hey Hon!

If you're at all familiar with Hamdpen, you're familiar with "our" colloquial term: Hon!
As in...

These are Hons:

This is Cafe Hon:
And this is Denise Whiting, the owner of Cafe Hon... 
Who just trademarked the three magic letters h-o-n.
So now anytime Baltimore, MTA, or really any non-profit wants to use the term "Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!" They now owe to the lady!

Smart financial move? Or has she finally gone too far?
(she's already on a Bmore s*** list for the flamingo shenanigans)

I plan on Trademarking "Hi there!" and "Sweetie!"
Don't be a hater cause you didn't think of it first.

Crap...does this mean since I used "hon" in my post, I owes royalties to Denise?

Article on Explore Baltimore via Andy!
AMAZING Baltimore Sun Article
Counterpoint Article from Benn Ray (of Atomic Pop) 

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  1. My piece is not actually a counterpoint. I think we're actually on the same side of this issue.

    I've been quoted in both the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Messenger as saying that I don't believe she has a legitimate claim to the word "hon".

    I just think that a lot of the more hysterical, extremist elements are alienating the mainstream with the way they're conducting their discourse.


  2. Ha! I absolutely certainly seems Denise has really struck a raw nerve this time. (It doesn't help that her image isn't all that nice around the 'hood)...

    But I supposed if the govn't says she owns "Hon" they believe any colloquial term can be trademarked. Maybe we should have trademarked "sup" or "Que Pasa" in the 90's!