Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hampden Flamingo Goes Into Hibernation

Flamingo is down, I repeat, the Giant 3 story Pink Flamingo in front of Cafe Hon is down! As I was walking the streets of Hampden last night, I felt something was the Kitch factor of Hampden went down a couple notches. I guess Denise, owner of Cafe Hon, wanted to pick her battles, and not pay the exorbitant Baltimore City "Art" Tax of $800 a yr!

Here's the Hampden Staple before:

And the surgical precision taking it down on Oct. 20:

You say Hampden, I say Kitch.
You say Tourist Trip! I say Cafe Hon!

Link to the Bmore Sun Story
Link to the Removal Pics Gallery (for the nitty gritty details)

Update: It's Back.

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