Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing Says "Welcome to Baby Poo" like a Diaper Cake!

What do you give your cousins who, LITERALLY, have everything in the world?
Why... you make them a diaper cake!

This cake took me hours and 4 hands! (Plus 1 really inquisitive kitty).

Instead of the Roll'em Up method... I followed the Spiral Method! I thought it made a much prettier swirl to it. Each layer is a different diaper size, cause JEEZ those babies grow fast! Topped the whole thing off with Bright Orange Fake Flowers (she's not a pink kinda girl) and wrapped with ribbons!
Viola! Something they haven't gotten yet!

Right now the fam is having a contest as to how many diapers I used. Winner wins a chance to change the baby! So I don't wanna say how many I used!

Any guesses? :)

(P.S. the iPhone pics were taken by our own resident paparazzi, Uncle Howard... so please excuse the low quality!)

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