Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Loopy's on SuperPunch! a.k.a. I heart Super Punch!!! undying love for fellow bloggers!!!

If you've been reading Loopy Rocket for awhile, you'll know I frequently pilfer Super Punch for hilarity (and sometimes vis versa!). Where they find this stuff I'll never know.

So when the call went out on SP for Reader Profiles, I said "You mean I could be on your site? And express my undying love for you? And hold you and love you and call you George? Sign me up!"

And here's my big break! The full unadulterated Loopy Reader Profile on Super Punch!

Superpunch: the most awesome random blog. It's what all little bloggers dream to be.


  1. Well, you can't call me George.

  2. Are you eating sleet in that photo?

  3. Possibly...whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy????

  4. ahhhh your famous!!! on the internets, miss you guys! lets do lunch or snack time soon!