Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All About Evil Premier in Bmore!

August 28! Mark it in your calendar! The Creative Alliance is screening the premier of "All About Evil"!

Natasha Lyonne, a "mousy librarian" (is there ever such a thing?), inherits her fathers old movie house "The Victoria". But, as all really cool old movie houses go, it's fallen into deep disarray. In order to save it, Natasha goes on a serial killer rampage, while filming each murder! She then screens the films to her rabid fans! Will the public ever realize the ever-increasing missing actors and the short films are one and the same??!

Did I mention there's a ton of wacky costumes, wigs, and Mink Stole (of John Waters Fame)!?

I bought, who's coming with me!

P.S. Here's the All About Evil Main Site


  1. I saw that here in Austin. It was pretty good stuff. If Elvira shows up (even sans makeup) would you get her autograph for me! Pleeeeaaase.

  2. Dude!!! Is that where you saw Elvira!??? Awesome!
    If I see her, I'll surely tackle her for an autograph!

  3. Oh dear! Oh dear! Surely there's a good book out there waiting to be read!

  4. Yeah... it's called "All About Evil" and I read it on the screen!!