Tuesday, June 22, 2010

500 year Old Prop Book... Or Why I Wanted to go into Movie Prop design:

Okay, wow. This super nifty book was created for some secret movie, as some secret book...
From the artist, Ross MacDonald:
In May I created a prop book for a movie currently in production. There's a fantastic description of the book in the script. I can't share it, but the gist is that the book is 500 years old, oozes putrefaction and malevolence and is believed to be bound in .....human skin.
He also goes on to say he included 2 diagrams from Georg von Welling's 1735 Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum et Theosophicum, a number puzzle designed by Ben Franklin, a Celtic knot, a diagram of a microbe and a heraldic device (and some German to be thoughtful).

My opinion #1: This is the coolest book I have ever seen!!!! 
My opinion #2: THIS is exactly why I wanted to go into prop design. 
Fun Fact #1: I tried to do something like this for a drawing class I was in (Book of spells or something..).
Fun Fact #2: Mine didn't look ANYWHERE as neat as this!!!!

via / and follow this link to see his How-To!

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