Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Legos, a Library Ladder and Greenery! How can I fit it all in my House?

Hmm... and now that we know my hubby reads this blog... I guess I have to be more creative in "suggesting" more additions to our space!

O o o! Or how about Anna Sui's Wardrobe Walk-in Closet!?

And who WOULDN'T want a rolling ladder for a bookshelf! Considering I'm a midget compared to my man, he's the only one that can easily reach the action figures he keeps along the top of our bookshelf! Soon I'LL be able to reach them. And then the REAL fun can begin! MUAHAHAHAH.... dammit... he's reading this again isn't shoot.


  1. dont you atill have cats? you cant have any nice plants or a lego table and also own cats. I imagine a mound of dirt with legos mixed in.

  2. Sigh, it's true!
    Did I tell you my kitties have been eating my fake plants now? Yep... evidence showed up in cat puke.
    I <3 kitties.