Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let the April Fool's Games begin!

As of 8am today... to commemorate Topeka, KS changing their name to Google, Google has official changed their name to Topeka.

Improv Everywhere, known for their No Pants Day, executed their No Underwear Day!

From our Anonymous Commenter: Starbucks Listens to Customer Request for More Sizes! Plenta™ and Micra™ come to stores in the Fall!

At work, someone updated our Xerox to have voice capabilities! According to an inside source in HR, there have been quite a few vocal employees!

MORE from Mr(s). Anonymous Commenter! Child-Blown Dandelion Seeds! Why haven't growers thought of this before!?

Think Geek really went all out, with 5 new products! Including the Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock! "4 8 15 16 23... 46? Oh $#%@!!!" and the iCade - iPad Arcade Cabinet!

This could possibly be my most favorite day this year! :)

Older prank posts from LoopyRocket...Maybe give you some ideas?

Guerrilla Traffic Signs

Urban Camouflage!

Moon Amtrak Day!

Colored Balls Tumble Down Spanish Steps...



  2. LOL! That's a good one!
    I'll take a Plenta size please! I need to stay up for the next MONTH STRAIGHT!!! AHAHAH!

  3. Well isn't that cheeky!


  5. Okay, seriously...where are you finding this stuff!? Hilarity!