Thursday, February 4, 2010

How I Spent My Saturday with Nana Projects at the AVAM...

Making crazy packing-tape hats!!! 

Please pardon the bad pic resolution... both me and mom COMPLETELY forgot our "real" cameras for this momentous occasion. But don't we just look darling?

Saturday, we got up golly-g early for Tape-O-Rama at the American Visionary!  The class, taught by Nana Projects, ended up being crazy fun! Molly & Annie showed us how to whip tape up your own sculptural topper using packing tape and plastic bags. Mom opted for the Jester swirly style with hanging dip-thongs, while I went for the Hand-holding-heart Valentines Style (Um... yeah, if you squint you can see it... ). Mom still has hers! I'm waiting for her to wear it to a family function. (I wisely donated mine back to Nana Projects... heh heh)

Vogue, We're ready for our close-up!


  1. We were smoking fabulous!! And since it was snowing by the time we left, my hat made the perfect snow chapeau. I just had to watch out for tree branches and low hanging utility lines.