Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DC Guerrilla Knitting: Joan of Arc Accessorizes!

Ahh.. the softer side of Joan. She's just like any teenage girl who talks to god and wants to go to prom!

Always the vigilant art fan, Judy snapped up some pics of her newest neighborhood additions: a Flower Corsage for the rebel chick Joan of Arc! 

Why she's missing her sword, I have no idea... but could this accessorizing be a new statue trend?


  1. So that's where my Snowflake Ball corsage went! Drat. My roommate is a jokester and loves playing pranks, unless..... it was taken by my neighbor who has a fetish for plastic flowers and Joan of Arc.

  2. Either way, sounds like you've got some peers I've gotta meet!

    (Tho, I'm thinking twice about the plastic flower/Joan of Arc fetish... I might get talked into cutting my hair and wearing Carmen Miranda hats! Ack!)