Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Office CLUE!

Oh ohohohoh!! GIMMIE GIMMIE!!
Who did it? DUH! Ever answer is DWIGHT!!!

From UO:
Who killed Toby Flenderson? Was it Schrute with a rabid bat in the kitchen? Or Angela with a ream of paper in Michael's office? Figure out who DUN(der Mifflin) it with this riveting game of Office Clue. Includes Intrigue and Rumor cards. Winner gets a paid vacation.


Hanukah Harry, if you still have time and instead of socks, I also need these please. okthanksbuhbye!

(click 'em to link 'em!)

(on a side note: I totally got this as a gag gift last year. Jokes on me, cause it WORKS!)

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