Monday, December 28, 2009

Is Your Glucose Spiking? Did Your Contacts Change Color?!

This. Is. Amazing.
If you're not diabetic, you may not understand the AWESOMENESS of this:

So Diabetic means: you can't produce insulin to break down sugars. So diabetics are constantly checking their blood-sugar levels for dangerous glucose spikes.

Meaning they actually have to test the blood. Meaning actual Stabby Stabby! (see pic below). (also see: NO FUN)

But now, the GENIUSES at University of Western Ontario have discovered a way to use Nanoparticles make lives happy!

They found a way to change the color you see thru contacts with the changing of your glucose levels!

Seeing red? You need cookies!

The secret: Ultra-teeny nanoparticles that react chemically with glucose molecules in tears to produce a shift in hue.
Blood drawing and pin-pricking might be a thing of the past!

God I love technology.
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