Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cafe Hon "Forgets" to Give Love to Supporters!

Remember that story about the Flamingo outside of Cafe Hon? The one that Denise (the owner) had to take down because of city fees.. or free publicity... or whatever?

Well she stomped down to City Hall along with 98 Rock to demand Mayor Dixon lower the fees! Or something like that. 98 Rock helped her out by holding a Flamingo Protest and sold flamingos for a donation. Guess it worked cause the flamingo is back!

Faux Pas of the day: Denise forgot to mention the the news to 98 Rock! As I'm listening this morning, poor Mikey & Amelia were stunned, shocked and angry they weren't invited or contact for the flamingo's triumphant return!!!

Way to go Denise. I'm sure she'll turn her giant snub into some kind of publicity.

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