Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bmore Poliz Pulls Gun in Haunted House....Cause He got the Scaredies!

Never have I been so proud to be a Balti-MORON! Ahhhh yes.
Leatherface = O, Bmore Cop = 1
A Baltimore city police officer was charged with assault after he pulled a gun on a haunted house character over the weekend.

Baltimore County police said Sgt. Eric Janik, 36, pulled his gun on a haunted house employee dressed up as the killer from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" at the House of Screams show in Essex on Sunday. Police said the employee approached Janik after the haunted house tour was over in a bid to get "one last scream."Instead, Janik, who was off-duty, pulled his service weapon and pointed it at Michael Morrison's chest.
 Everyone's okay, but the copper, who was CLEARLY intoxicated, has been suspended w/out pay until a formal hearing.

And the employee needs a new pair of pants. link/ via

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