Thursday, September 3, 2009

People of Walmart aka Why I Don't Shop There.

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We Don't Want to Get To Formal:
You've seen 'em. The "Umm, you know you're in public, right?" patron. It's like Walmart is the mecca of all things crazy and the people can't resist! Hell, they don't even have a "No Shirt, No Service Sign". It MUST be heaven!

Thank goodness for the documentary internets:
People of Walmart in all their shiny glory.


  1. Oh man! I just came across that blog last week.

    Yesterday I stopped at Walmart and desperately tried to take pictures of two different people that woulda been awesome to send in. Both of the pictures came out SO bad and I tripped over my own feet and dang near fell on my ass tryin' to get a picture of a dude with the awesomest, longest, most frazzled gray fro-mullet I'd ever seen. That shit was HUGE!

    I WILL have a piture of mine on that blog one day!....and let's hope I don't break my freakin' neck in the process!

  2. OMG! That is ridiculous!!! Gray Fro-Mullet? Don't these people know they are in PUBLIC!!!??? Aye Carumba! On the other hand, they are an endless form of entertainment.

    Please notify me and the fashion police when you get the pics up! Holla!

  3. I noticed you made a post about Perhaps you might be interested in doing a follow up about People of Public Transit.

    People of Walmart inspires sister site (People of Public Transit)

    The public bus and subway systems are littered with amazing photo opportunities. Many of us have been sitting alone witnessing something amazing and only wishing we could share the experience with our friends. Well now you can!

    Thank you,
    John Michael

  4. Uh... advertise much?

    Perhaps a email to me might have sufficed? Sheesh.