Monday, September 7, 2009

Pennysmash: Making Your Money Art!

Remember those machines in rest stops? Where you drop in a useless shiny penny + $2 and it rolls a design into it? And then, as a 7 yr old, you try to crank the heavy gear but you're parents ultimately have to finish? Ahhh, the joys of destroying government property!

But who wants that crummy "Love You!" penny, when you could get these original designs from Motherbrand for your wallet?

From the Pennysmash website:
Motherbrand proudly presents PENNYSMASH, a brand new Souvenir Shop project that hijacks the familiar souvenir penny press to product truly affordable works of art. For just $2.01, visitors to the Gladstone Hotel in Downtown Toronto can purchase original works:

I'll take one Guns For Bears please!
Here's the color fun website!
And a link to Marian Bantjes' Empathy Penny page!

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