Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Live the Mario World! (Art Installation - maybe)

Here's what we know:

-This is fantastic
-May/maynot be created by Antoinette J. Citizen
-It has Interactive boxes- with mario sound effects.
-I want that girls black boots

via Super Mario Bros. "Landscape" Art Installation


  1. Didn't we post about a place where you could make your own "fathead" type wall clings, you could totally do this yourself. Im thinking in your bedroom or in the basement I have never seen.

  2. I believe this is what you're looking long as you can fit into a 7.

  3. Oh dude... Those shoes are so hip with the kids!
    Some 14 yr old chick, with short shorts, had those at the water park! I could have totally taken her down.