Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keanu Reeves Bounces back from Neo?

Ahhh... as if I haven't loved watching Reeves' acting career. The Lake House was pure genius. (<---- HEAVY sarcasm). His stiff dramatics have been linked to 2 new movies coming out...

1) The Day the Earth Stood Still as Klaatu: a stiff man from the future (see the original 1951 trailer here)

2) Plasticman as Plasticman. (If I recall my childhood correctly, Plasticman was a funny slapstick heehaw of a comic...Can Keanu use his Bill & Ted experience to give life to his stiff performances?)

Number of times I used stiff to reference Keanu Reeves: 3
Hours I'll waste watching these movies: 2 TOPS
(Rumors start here and update here)

1 comment:

  1. I am an FBI agent (insert best Reeves impression here)

    please no on both movies, do not want!