Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!

It's our 1 year anniversary!
Since we're boozing it up in celebration, We've compliled a list of our
Top 5 Most Popular Posts!

#1 Bad Tattoo's:
Britney Immortalized

#2 The Scavengers - Kathie Olivas:
Creepy and Adorable lollipopped figures, I have an insane urge to pop in my mouth.

#3 Fantastic Packaging Pt 2 - Wine Labels:
Um, hello! Isn't pretty always popular?

#4 Rick Zombie & His Amazing Full Body Zombie Tattoo:
I see a Tattoo theme to this list

#5 Moon Amtrak Day!:
My new favorite holiday!

Thanks to everyone for reading!
Your inbox is thanking us.

Here's to 821 Posts and counting!
<3 Loopy, Super Blogger Girl, & DiG

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