Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SATANS Post!!! 666!!!

666 Posts! Holy Moley!
This whole week I've been searching my soul for something profoundly evil for this post. Apocalyptic if you will! But since I'm really vanilla inside, heres a list of a couple pranks past & present for you to commit! Whee!

- Spring & Summer is coming! Perfect time for a Baby Ruth in the Pool, a la Caddyshack!

- Join Improv Everywhere! The guys that brought us Frozen Grand Central keep people guessing.

- Fill up entire spaces with newspaper or Styrofoam bits! Like this cubicle or this dorm room!

- Wally's Magic "Dear Bulk Mailer!" Send those pesky junk mail guys heavy bricks, paid by them!

- Make a Coke/Mentos Bomb for unsuspecting friends!

- Film a commercial with 1/2 a MILLION rubber balls!

I hope that will get you started on your evils ways!
666 Posts Accomplished!

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