Friday, January 18, 2008

Caption if you dare!

Remember Esti posted a link back last week from a guy who had funny pictures from the local department stores and was captioning them, I laughed and cried by the way. I was wondering after I read it if there would be anything to follow that was related to Myspace, there are only a million pictures of some really scary and dorky people there. Once I thought it, you knew it was going to come true! I found a gallery here and I want to start my own too, so caption these if you dare I will leave the creativity up to you.


  1. The bunny suit reminds me of my last drinking binge.

  2. Thats actually from a movie, but yes I bet you would get into something that crazy!

  3. Gummo!
    Ahh that Harmony Korine...he REALLY knows how to write a symbolic teen-angst script.