Monday, December 3, 2007

We should change this to "THE WINNERS" blog

I WON!!! A while ago I posted that I had entered a contest threw Mezco and AFI. All you had to do was dress up your action figures for Halloween and take pictures. I got the email this morning that I won, the prize you ask? Oh you know just one of four Horror Mezco Gold action figures! Im hoping I get Leather Face, but we shall see. So I think after E-girl and I both won a contest within the last month or two we should change our name from Loopy Rocket to Winners! I will post pictures of my treasure when it arrives!


    That is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    That would be so ridiculous if you DIDN"T win. I mean COMON!! Everyone Knows Uhura was Kirks bitch!

  2. You Know! Once I was watching a trek-a-thon on G4 and it had a counter on the side of the screen that kept stats from the show, one of them was how many times you saw Uhura's Panties!