Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh UnHoly Night!

Being a non-xmasser, I don't decorate all Christmassy.
But I might actually consider this Xmas tree!

There's something mighty unholy about it...
Sort of like an upside-down cross means "I heart Satan!"
Me likey!


  1. We got our tree this weekend, you might change your mind about how you feel if you came over our house, its festive and cheery. I only have one nativity set and its not cause im all god squad its more because its a family heirloom so I can't not display it.

  2. Can I change out the baby jesus?
    Maybe only when I'm there?
    I always wanted to do that!
    There's like 5 BIlLLION churches around me that are BEGGIN for it!

  3. You can only switch out baby Jesus if you replace him with something very hilarious. Surprise me!


    1. silver dollar pancake

    2. plastic poo

    3. plastic rabbi