Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things My Boyfriend Says "Blog"

Posting such gems as:

me: Who the hell are you buying a Labatt 50 for?
e: Satan. I'm pouring one out for my homey.

If flowers had fists.
e: My hands hurt from doing the dishes.
me: You're such a delicate flower.
e: How does it feel?
me: How does what feel?
e: Being punched in the face by a delicate flower?

Lock up the clean sheets.
On learning that we were out of toilet paper:
"How long until we start using the placemats and pillowcases and crawling along the carpet like dogs with worms?"

Midnight snack.
me: I finished your ice cream.
e: That's okay. I ate your memory card.

A propos of nothing.
"There's some pretty deal-breaking snatch out there."

Low and lazy.
me: Your fly is open.